Our Kitchens

Welcome to the Our Kitchens page. Although this is mainly a browsing area; a place where you can start to form opinions about features or styles you like and as important, what you don't! It is also an opportunity for us to explain what these images show and don't show.

Let me expand – the pictures below are a flavour of what we offer, a small snapshot; you see unlike most kitchen makeover companies we do not simply offer the products of one or two suppliers. We have scoured the industry over many years to select ranges that cover different materials, different construction and a real choice of finishes that are suitable for all types of makeover.

In short, we are real specialists offering real choice...

» Contemporary Minimal
» Contemporary Classic
» Traditional

Contemporary - Minimal

Contemporary - Classic


Success Story:
Mr & Mrs O’Connell

Mr & Mrs O'Connell, had a kitchen with two corners of 70 & 110 degrees and wondered if the worktops could be changed, whilst retaining the wall tiles above?

They also felt that the kitchen was very brown and somewhat dated. It needed cheering up! There was also a need for...


Our promise to you

We will always aim to:
  • Listen to you, explore your requirements and give you the best advice on your project.

  • Offer the widest choice of products – to ensure you have what is best for you

  • Price all our products and services fairly – to ensure you never pay too much.

  • Deliver your project in a way that fits into your life in the least disruptive manner possible.

  • Be respectful and courteous at all times.