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The Wonders of Recycling!

19 January 2017

So… I stumbled across this the other day! Funnily enough, it’s almost as environmentally friendly as our Kitchen Makeovers.
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Help! Will a makeover break the bank?

12 January 2017

Whilst you’re sitting down scrolling through Facebook ignoring your kitchens desperate cry for some much needed TLC. I’m here scratching my head as to why you haven’t contacted K4 Kitchen Makeovers already?
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David vs Goliath - The Kitchen Battle!

05 January 2017

Your kitchen is simply never too small! Over the years that we have been revitalizing and bringing joy to customers old kitchens, our favourite kitchen makeovers have been fairly small in size.

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The Start of our Wonderful Adventure!

29 December 2016

YOU… YES YOU! Don’t skip this, I’m watching you! I know your kitchen has seen better days.

I’ve been in the Kitchen Industry for 35 years now, (gosh that makes me feel old!) Believe it or not, this is my first blog post EVER.

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